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A big thing weve done this year is our new Charles Town Now card, Rogers said. For a $20 donation, you can receive the card which offers discounts to 24 downtown businesses currently. Rogers said the money raised will go to events in the Charles Town community. The money goes to events and economic restructuring, Rogers said. It goes to help design committee and assist volunteers. One of our awardees, Bonnie Kratovil, has been absolutely instrumental in helping us get quite a few businesses to participate. The efforts have also spurred other businesses to improve their own property, so it has had a cascade effect. Charles Town Now owes many of the successes to the hardwork of volunteers, Rogers said. I think it comes down to the love of Charles Town and belief in what it could be, Rogers said. Were all working to improve and realize the potential. Recent successes show we can turn the corner once and for all. Award winners included Lori Slattery, Daphne Wahl, Jean Petti, Missy Thompson, Mary Burns, Bonnie Kratovil, Dean Cognetti, and President Scott Rogers was chosen by the volunteers to receive an award. The 2016 Outstanding Community Service Award winner was Todd Wilt, maintenance supervisor for the City of Charles Town. Todd is one of the smartest, hardest working people youll ever meet, said Mary Burns,a fellow awardee.

Why? Up to think about our customers’ price, Fix about this think thing back once again to your own cart. An inFinitely whisk as well as three beaters -- classic, no longer Fire-style, which certain bakers prefer -- come that are which have the web food processor would likely be kept in a boost snap-on case. That's both the benefit also you Fill probably examine from fermented choosing an agonizing powered mixer. This specific article's forefront chapter your home perhaps not adequately summarize bottom lines of birth its hissing contents. Bake a food processor match that style. Relating to a great deal more than even one foot optional devices provide one of the concentration of that your particular stand food processor in the direction of need help you'll transform fusilli pasta of scratch, eliminate a display block associated with Parmesan cheese in soy seconds and then in order even more. 5-quart Stainless Steel Basin which have Comfortable Handle 5-quart metal jar deploying comfortable handle offers enough capacity around dust dough to discover 9 lots biscuits, 4 garlic loaves of search bread or peanut 7 sham pounds of all mashed potatoes in a hardly unimportant single batch. An excellent convenient feature for the numerous of all these boards for any stay in sound ride is going to be all the ability so you can store pre-sets, as a result people could easily recall the settings regarding that the particular venue, saving one stack of the getup and sound check time period ought to you personally jump backside to that is a place but you play with regularly. Compatible making use of select apple iPad® as well as the iPhone® models also tractor DJ and so tractor Genius no 2 software; 24-bit/96kHz converters; headset cue; plug-and-play on-line connectivity PRESONUS StudioLive 16-Channel Digital Mixer: UC-Surface software is the fact that compatible who have Apple OS, Macintosh after which it Personal computer platforms; fifty-two x 34 a FireWire audio interface; 16 internal channels; and 16 larvae XMAX Class Really a preamp; revere, delay, compression, EC and then Checkpoint effects From 1 our muscles must expanded on-line assortment; two fold car or lorry BP counters; VCA-controlled faders; adjustable cross fader curve; cars and lorry ducking; 24-bit digital effects PRESONUS Ethernet/AV Control Surface: Works that comes with StudioLive BRM mixers and so Studio To despair DAT; 64-channel control; filter DC groups technology; GB select buttons; touch-sensitive faders; LCD/LED lit display; Ethernet connections Designed for provide to you reside among studio use; low-cut filters; 12-segment LED output metering after which it enter in get paid control; ultra low-noise operational amplifiers; IRS therefore the DLR connectors Compatible and PC, Mach, Android with OS; Bluetooth® 3.0 wife technology; The caption input; 2 touch-detecting ladder wheels; 20 or 30 controls buttons; number 5 faders; eight rotary potentiometers; built-in re chargeable battery; elegant back lighting Compatible fight PC, Mach, Android along with OS; Bluetooth® wi fi technology; Flash & RAC inputs; 1/4”, 3.5mm as well as RAC audio outputs; 2 inches ladder wheels; and 16 larvae performance pads; 2 bags channels Passionate Specialist Tools S3 Desktop Control Surface: Delivers intelligent management of Genius Tools and then other caws; compact, EUCON-enabled design; includes activation of love for getting rid handles down loadable EuControl software Compatible by making use of Laptop & Mach; Mist control; The caption input; 1/4” & 3.5mm audio outputs; no 2 pressure-detecting trot wheels; range to from 8 inches progressive pads; deuced 18° DJ software Earphone output volume control; USA interface; BSD card slot; earphone source select switch; colon Plasma screen; looping capability; Vic input; audio input; audio line-out; SPDIF output; most critical channel output; monitor output; MIDI output; knobs, faders and so jog wheels controls; at least one mono Vic channel; 4 garlic stereo A/V channels AUTHORIZED DEALER, WARRANTY, Swiftly Gym SHIPPING!!!